sector industry and technology

Aplication cases


One of our partners is a Spanish company leader in engineering services of production process control in real time, with its own software and hardware for capturing production data, as well as for assisted design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM).


The company has significant references in industry and technology, offers its own products, and is national leader distributor of product and service CAD / CAM . The products and services, whose main value is its references and results, are applied to virtually all industrial sectors . The aim is to extend its services in those sectors and new customers where the presence is less active and there are clear needs for these services.


Prepare a strategy for new sectors and clients aimed to get the necessary senior management contacts to present references and results to their needs and suggest solutions for a significant expenses saving achieved through sharing contracts in the success of results.


Over 50 new clients in different industries so far.


The results obtained show the following values:
• Reduction of 15% of the average time of manufacture.
• Reducing an average of 24% of WIP (Work In Progress).
• Reduced lead time by 27% on average.
• Reduced process defective in an average of 18%